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We deliver an in-depth suite of leading edge IT solutions and services
to assist companies reach their maximum potential and stay at
the forefront of success.


Mototech offers complete data cycle management starting with comprehensive preparation, then applying predictive analytics including Artificial Intelligence, enabling our Clients to identify and extract the greatest value in their data.

- Data Scientists
- Artificial Intelligence
- Predictive Analytics

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We supply talented Project Managers, Software Architects, Network Engineers and Developers; all highly productive professionals selected to match the demands of each individual project according to your requirements.

- Developers OnDemand
- Projects OnDemand
- Infrastructure OnDemand

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About Us

Our Story

We are a Technology Services and Consulting firm with a talent rich team and experienced leadership with more than 20 years of deep industry knowledge.

The Mototech Group with our highly successful global partners, provide leading edge Big Data Analytics (BDA) and OnDemand Technology Services and Solutions, enabling public and private sectors wishing to grow sales and improve operational efficiencies via multiple IT improvements.

Mototech brings together everything you expect from smart solutions. Formed by an ecosystem in which our experience and the analytical capabilities of our solutions come together to intelligently process your Big Data, resulting in improved business decisions with positive strategic results.

From our HQ in the Washington DC area we are actively involved across the United States, Canada and South America, currently positioned as a market leader in complex IT solutions.

Why Mototech

Experience, Nimble, Responsive, Cost Effective with Leading Edge Technologies: All major reasons why Mototech is the premier choice for all your Big Data Analytics and OnDemand service needs. Our clients have some of the most complex and biggest data needs in the world.
See why Mototech should be your premier provider of advanced IT solutions for today and tomorrow.

Our Difference:

    Lengthy experience in complex Big Data Analytics solutions began before it became “trendy”.

    We offer customized services and solutions as most BDA platforms are not complex enough – no “out-of-the-box” limitations with access to a variety of greater tools and technology.

    Our size enables us to be responsive to your needs, nimble to execute all changes on the fly and save you money along the way.

“Mototech delivers better, faster and more cost-effective results”

Our Benefits:

    Provide a fantastic ROI by reducing direct and indirect costs.

    Enhancing productive capacity by overcoming staffing issues.

    Reaching higher levels of flexibility and stability while reducing execution times.

“Multiple wins for any organization”

Our Mission:

    Solving customer’s complex IT problems that leads greater growth, productivity and opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

    Reduce costs and expedite projects, saving companies significant capital.

    Making a new discover or developing a brand-new solution but most importantly.

“Helping our clients achieve their greatest business goals”

Our Team

Iqbal Talib-President and Co-Founder

Iqbal Talib

President and Co-Founder
Pablo Abdian-CEO

Pablo Abdian

CEO and Co-Founder
Zubair Talib-Co-Founder

Zubair Talib

Azim Tejani-Co-Founder

Azim Tejani

Board Member, Growth Strategy
Paul Woods-Advisor, Business Development

Paul Woods

Advisor, Product Strategy
Robert Schofield

Robert Schofield

Director Sales Operations


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